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Fleeing naked into the night is a practice usually only adopted by surprised lovers. But one lizard has evolved the behaviour as a cunning way. You know that trope in horror movies, where the villain grabs someone by their clothes only to be foiled when the victim wriggles free, leaving.

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By Zulkiran - 03:30
The fish-scale gecko has a freaky way of eluding danger. When snatched by an attacker, it rips off its scales and skin so it can slip away.
By Kagazilkree - 03:48
This gecko sheds its skin and goes naked, instead. The new species, called Geckolepis megalepis, is originally from Madagascar, where other.
By Gajas - 00:42
Altiphylax stoliczkai, also known as the frontier bow-fingered gecko, Baltistan gecko, "A preliminary phylogeny of the Palearctic naked-toed geckos (Reptilia:​.
By Fegal - 05:22
Lots of lizards detach their tails to flee predators, a defense mechanism known as autotomy. But one group of geckos from Madagascar and the.

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